Flic is a wireless shortcut button that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth®. It can do practically anything that your smartphone can do like order pizza, find your phone or play music.

It's an elegant solution to the smartphonization of our lives. It provides people the most simple physical interface possible – a simple wireless button – to control services and functionality which otherwise require a smartphone or pc to access. By disaggregating functionality from an app, people can ultimately avoid the tediousness of wading through layers of digital UI, and instead make something happen with the press of a button.

The scope of this work targeted Flic’s initial Indiegogo campaign.



For such a simple and elegant proposition as Flic, the challenge presented to Topp was how to make the setup as simple as powerful. How are all of the web services presented to the user? How can you associate a particular physical Flic button with a certain service? How to assign single, double click features? Like all good Internet of Things designs, Flic is a deceptively powerful platform – but that power means responsibility… or rather, configuration.


As with many of Topp’s engagements, we treated UX, ID, and other elements like logo creation as a single design process. This is especially important for small companies with hard deadlines. The end result of an intense and integrated strategy meant that Flic could receive the physical design of the button, an initial UX strategy, and a logo – all of which could be built upon for their campaign, and leveraged for technical scoping.


The design process for startups or companies running an initiative on Kickstarter or Indiegogo can be vastly different from working with organisations who have long-standing design departments. From lead times to goals to budgets, launching a product on a crowdfunding site is a wholly different beast than the normal product development process.

Topp can help provide guidance and rapid UX direction for small companies and large alike. Check out more about Flic.