When moving countries, Tim Allison who previously founded Cupple (a relationship app), had a growing frustration. How to meet people in a new places, outside of dating apps and meetups? Tim quickly went about developing this insight into a product concept. With early prototypes and investments in place, he reached out to Topp to help shape it into a product – the Plane app.

Topp engaged with Plane early on and provided strategic design, concept development, interaction design and an overall visual language to help distinguish and set up the service for growth in the crowded space of social apps.


Plane is designed with constraints as opportunities. The core idea is using light weight ‘Signals’ to engage with anyone nearby. These Signals are limited to text and disappear within 24 hours, a constraint that makes it easy to reach out and break the ice with an open mind.

By designing concept and style as a integrated design team, the emphasis on text over selfies runs across the whole design. It’s distinct visual language lets messages speak for themselves.



  1. Discover and write your own ’Signals’
  2. Connect with signals you think are interesting
  3. Break the ice through a 2 minute chat with an interesting person
  4. Decide whether to swap details and talk again
  5. Build new connections 


After a successful beta launch at home in Malmö/Copenhagen, Plane has started to get traction as it rolls out globally. It’s been featured in tech press and selected as Best New App in the iOS App Store.



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