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Topp’s unique services and technology enable our design, strategy and prototyping teams to solve even the most complex product and innovation problems.


Work with a group of specialists from a variety of fields  to define elegant products & services in complex conditions. From UX research and service design to interaction design and advanced prototyping, we form tailored teams for each challenge.

Workshops & Sprints

Generate fresh perspectives, establish direction, and produce shareable results. We run customized workshops and design sprints to rapidly get you to useful insights and tangible results.

Build Your Lab

Accelerate your design & development with a custom lab, software platform and process. Create prototypes faster, and reach your innovation goals.

Proof of Concept

We build a complete proof of concept that demonstrates the experience and vision of your next digital product or service. Enable buy-in and validation, so you can take your next step.

Most of our projects combine two or more of these, and as technologies and design challenges evolve, so do our capabilities. We work with you to structure a design effort that's specific to your vision, challenges and capabilities. It's how we help you to:

Design With Impact

Taking a product from inception to launch--without sacrificing the original idea that made it so inspiring--requires the right design, the right process and the right team.

Stay ahead of THE competition

Innovation requires a deep understanding of emerging trends, behaviors and values. But most of all, it takes the capability to rapidly iterate and try new ideas in the wild.

be the disruptor

The world around us won’t stop moving. New technology and shifts in user expectations can overturn industries. Start thinking about being the one who is driving those changes.

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